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The Benefit Books




I am Sanjana Jain, an incoming junior at Shelton High School. I'm excited to promote educational equality around the country to low-income high schoolers.


I love to swim and spend time with my family. I believe that this website will be very useful to those who want to take courses where the books are very costly. Being a junior, I have gone through many AP Courses and am now using SAT books to prepare for these tests. I have seen that these books are costly and difficult for all students to purchase. 

Preparing for these standardized tests meant going to class as well as studying consistently on your own. When I reached out to local libraries, they either did not own or had very few copies, of the books I was looking for. 

I co-founded Benefit Books in 2019 in order to fix this educational disparity around Connecticut. I hope that it changes student's lives for the better in the future college admission process.

Sanjana Jain

Co-Founder and President

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