The Benefit Books


Hi there!


Iā€™m Siddharth Jain, a rising senior at Shelton High School. I love hanging out with friends, working in the yard with my dad, and reading. As I went through school taking APs and SATs, I realized you needed outside prep books like Barron's and Princeton Review to survive. Going to class was never enough.


Every year, I bought many college exam prep books to prepare for AP exams and the SAT. When I reached out to local libraries, they either did not own, or had very few copies, of the books I was looking for. I would repeatedly resort to Amazon to buy the book. In just a few weeks, the books were collecting dust in my closet.


After talking to many of my friends in my school, I realized this was prevalent with other students as well. I wanted to develop a medium through which students can donate books for underprivileged and under-resourced students to use. In 2019, I founded Benefit Books to do just that.


Benefit Books promotes a more equal education system and global sustainbility.

Siddharth Jain

Founder and CEO